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The wonder of Christmas morning is like no other day for children around the world. The image of Santa represents happiness, joy, love, and excitement on that special day.

As a child, like many other children, Santa always fascinated me. As an adult my love for art led me to create my own vision of this jolly old elf. My original one of a kind polymer clay Santa's are a labor of love. I believe you will see that expressed in my work. I design and sew all the costumes. I use the finest materials for my Santa's, Mohair for the beards and real fur for the trim.

I have studied with well-known artists. Judith Klawitter, and Jack Johnston. My work has appeared in the doll magazine" Contemporary Doll Collector.

I have a studio in my home where it remains Christmas all year round. I enjoy bringing to life the image of happiness and joy that Santa represents.